photo of Tabitha ChapmanBlogger, marketer and humanist Tabitha Chapman (a.k.a. “Tabby”) believes that the key to having a strong identity online is to start with a genuine understanding of your essence: who you are, what you want to express, and how you want to express it.  Her goal is to help you with the ‘how’ part — to help you express you in the world.

Starting out as a software engineer/web developer, Tabby has worked for various companies in North America.  She has been working on websites for small businesses, celebrities and artists since 2001, giving her a unique depth and breadth of experience. Her work spans advertising agencies, software development and consulting firms, lead generation companies, celebrity fan sites and social networking corporations. You can follow her personal blog by clicking here.

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On Child Rock Stars


Here’s something inspiring for you… people Pandora Charms UK get the super stars that seem who are truly experiencing their dreams through hard work and tenacity. I don’t know about you, but I especially feel inspired when that person is young. One of my friends has been following her dreams since elementary school. Her name […]

It’s a party! An Internet Party!

My friends and clients from The 7th Squeeze are celebrating their album releasethrough to get Cheap Pandora Rings a of us and have released their first official music video! They’ve worked hard this last winter to bring the best of the best and to build a big presence online, so stop by the video, give […]


Screen Shot 2011-09-12 at 12.34.52 AM

Art. It’s the world’s way to express what they feel words cannot. Pictures are worth “You will Pandora Charms Sale have the a thousand words and those words are like time, captured in a vial to put on the mantle; a bold and proud display of a feeling expressed, without words. History pulses with it, […]

5 Ways to Fight Writer’s Block

When you’ve committed to posting a series of blog entries, but find that at times the motivation just isn’t flowing, here are five tips that can help save the day! Free-flow write for 5 minutes. Open the nearest book and read a sentence. Write the sentence itself on the notepad. Assuming you’re typing, close your […]

Handling shared access to your social media accounts


Access to your social media accounts is a very important item on the check-list of success that you need to pay attention to. Why? Because you have spent countless hours and money into creating a branded image and it’s important that you always have absolute control over your own brand and the accounts that speak […]