5 Ways to Fight Writer’s Block

When you’ve committed to posting a series of blog entries, but find that at times the motivation just isn’t flowing, here are five tips that can help save the day!

  1. Free-flow write for 5 minutes. Open the nearest book and read a sentence. Write the sentence itself on the notepad. Assuming you’re typing, close your eyes and finish the paragraph (hope you’re a good typist!). Try keeping your eyes closed and just write whatever comes to your mind for five minutes. Inspiration can sometimes hit you like a hard rock during one of these free-writing sessions.
  2. Grab a guest. Ask a friend or colleague to write a guest article. Take ’em out to dinner in exchange.
  3. Review a product in your industry. Describe the functionality and how it makes you feel in the most passionate detail. Then, remove half of it to avoid the tl;dr (too long; didn’t read) syndrome that readers can develop.
  4. Capitalize on creativity. During those brilliant moments of inspiration, write until you run out and keep several articles archived. Pull them out when there’s a lull and throw them up. Should count for something!
  5. Write an article on tips, hints, or tricks to doing something. This will at least pull out the technical or humorous side of your creativity. Go from there.

I hope you enjoyed these five tips to fighting writer’s block when you have a commitment to keep.

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