Art. It’s the world’s way to express what they feel words cannot. Pictures are worth “You will Pandora Charms Sale have the a thousand words and those words are like time, captured in a vial to put on the mantle; a bold and proud display of a feeling expressed, without words.

History pulses with it, and entire periods of time are labeled based on the art produced in that period. New technologies are created regularly out of artistic ventures. Art has few boundaries and can be expressed in countless ways. Here at Essence Interactive, Inc, we have a saying: Code is Art. It can be, at least.

Our human love for art has inspired so many people, that Essence Interactive, Inc is happy to perhaps se circumstances and Pandora UK Sale couple verannounce the coming of Essence Expressions. This is a website, based on the previous works of artists Miranda July and Allison Mack, that seeks to inspire artists around the world, young and old, amateur and professional, lovers and breathers. Currently, the website is in the alpha stages, but the chances are high that if you request an invitation, you’ll get one. We’re looking for people who love making art or encouraging others to make art, and who love giving feedback to help shape this website into an amazing place to express yourself.

Before we open the website up, we need to generate new art responses and more conversation between the participants, as well as work out any kinks on the website. If you’re interested in this project at all, click here to sign up for an invitation and you can read the originating blog post here.

I hope you’ll join us there! Here’s a sneak-peak on the inside:

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