It’s a party! An Internet Party!

My friends and clients from The 7th Squeeze are celebrating their album releasethrough to get Cheap Pandora Rings a of us and have released their first official music video! They’ve worked hard this last winter to bring the best of the best and to build a big presence online, so stop by the video, give it a thumbs up and add it to your favorites, and then forward it to your friends. This party is rockin’ and it’s global and we don’t want the fun to stop. This is as inclusive as it will ever get.

Have a lovely day. 🙂 WATCH THE VIDEO!

PS. Essence Interactive, Inc represented at this year’s Innovate Developers Conference and we’ll be bringing Pandora UK Sale day!Women take them to allow you thoughts and announcements in the next week or two as it pertains to the information we learned at the conference. Keep your eyes peeled!

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