A Case Study: Doris Egan

Doris Egan is a novelist and screenwriter, based in Los Angeles, California. Doris has published several novels and short stories and has worked on the writing staff and produced many episodes of television shows such as House, Tru Calling and Smallville.

Initial Requirements: The CEO of Essence Interactive, Inc started her dream of building Essence Interactive, Inc while contacting Doris Egan to create a web presence for her. Doris had an existing website at SFF.NET but she wanted to be able to make updates to her website without having to learn the complicated structure of HTML. Doris wanted to showcase her works and post news and/or blog posts to keep people informed. Initially, she utilized her LiveJournal.com account, http://tightropegirl.livejournal.com/ so we wanted to be able to preserve her writings there.

Solution: Initially, we provided a custom based content management system for her, back in 2007. Technology, however, changed very quickly over the next couple of years and we transformed her website from a custom php5-based framework to WordPress. With this change, we were able to catalog her works and create a consistent look-and-feel to each page, that allowed her to make her own updates.