A Case Study: Issimo USA

Issimo International makes beauty products for men that are natural and authentic. It is a company based in Los Angeles, California that sells their products in stores all across the united states.

Initial Requirements: Issimo initially approached Essence Interactive, Inc to create a new look and feel for their website, along with a few additional requests, such as a store locator, a press gallery, and a requirement to allow manufacturers buy in bulk. Initially, the company wanted to maintain the use of the shopping cart system that they were using, which presented a unique challenge given their requirements. Incidentally, the original design that was selected by the designer and the company also provided unique requirements that would not work with their current system.

Solution: Essence Interactive, Inc searched for a solution that would be able to accomodate the client requests and the designer’s request. The end of the search came with the discovery of the Magento shopping cart. Magento is a robust, flexible and highly customizable eCommerce solution. Combining Magento with a gallery and custom store-finder, we were able to create a dynamic website that met the most of the requirements laid out by the designer and the client.

Current: We are working on a social presence and creating solutions that will bring the customers of Issimo closer to the company, allowing them easier access to those behind-the-scenes to provide excellent customer service.

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