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On Child Rock Stars

Here’s something inspiring for you… people Pandora Charms UK get the super stars that seem who are truly experiencing their dreams through hard work and tenacity. I don’t know about you, but I especially feel inspired when that person is young. One of my friends has been following her dreams since elementary school. Her name […]

It’s a party! An Internet Party!

My friends and clients from The 7th Squeeze are celebrating their album releasethrough to get Cheap Pandora Rings a of us and have released their first official music video! They’ve worked hard this last winter to bring the best of the best and to build a big presence online, so stop by the video, give […]

My review of Google+

Recently I got my invite to Google+ and have spentPandora Charms Cheap UK good deals the last few days observing the flow of data and how people are using it so far. One thing I have noticed, at least within my set of circles and list, is that people tend to be doing a lot […]

Essence Blog

I’ll be blogging every week about how to build websites, how NOT to build websites, and all about this thing called social media. I’ll also highlight some of my client’s work each week, because hey… that’s what this is all about! Thanks for reading!