Essence Interactive, Inc, located in upstate New York,  creates websites and social media strategies. The company launched in 2007 when the founder, Tabitha Chapman, was commissioned by one of  her existing website clients to craft an online presence.  Since that recognition that successful internet marketing requires more than just a webpage, the company has been creating impactful websites and effective social media campaigns for a growing roster of successful businesses, celebrities and artists.

So, maybe you are wondering “what is a social media campaign and why would I want one”?  Not to worry; we’re going to teach you the internet ropes.  You’re going to learn the lingo and the latest trends.  You want to reach people through the use of the internet, but perhaps you aren’t sure how to do that.   Our knowledge of the latest industry trends, along with our technology skills, will put you on the map, whether you are a musician, an artist or small business.  We can do the work for you, or, if you prefer the DIY approach,  we  have expertise in training people to conduct their own campaigns. Through the use of innovative and comprehensive digital strategies, we will maximize your exposure to the audience you want to reach.

Go ahead, give us a try!  We have a starter package for people who want to get their feet wet.  If you check out our case studies, you will probably find someone (almost) just like you (but of course we know you are unique!).