Noellia Goodwin: Musician

Essence Interactive, Inc maintains a social and website presence for Noellia Goodwin, a 14 year old musician in Los Angeles, California. She is on vocals/keyboard in a band called, Impakt.

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The Kar-ma, LLC: Car-Care and Transportation Concierge

The Kar-ma, LLC is an Albany, NY based business that provides a variety of services relating to car-care and transport. Essence Interactive, Inc maintains a website presence and provides SEO services for the company.

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Issimo USA: Men’s Health & Beauty Line

Issimo USA is a speciality shop for men’s beauty products. Issimo approached Essence Interactive, Inc to redesign an existing website. After a series of events, Essence Interactive, Inc provided a state-of-the-art shopping cart, which improved their online sales and allowed them to promote their products. Issimo and Essence Interactive, Inc continue their partnership together now, working in social media and search engine optimization.

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Doris Egan: Writer

Essence Interactive, Inc and Doris Egan worked together to create a cohesive design and branded feel to Doris Egan’s official website. Doris is a writer for several popular television shows and needed a space to share her writing and thoughts with the people who are interested.

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