A Case Study: Noellia Goodwin

Initial Requirements: In 2008, Noellia Goodwin was an 11 year old girl with a big dream and a powerful. Her mother began discussing her MySpace page with the company. She had the vocal maturity of a studied twenty-year old with practiced skill to boot. Noellia, however, was not twenty so age was an important limitation to understand when creating an online presence for this client. Child privacy and protection became the utmost importance while balancing with marketing.

Her MySpace page was to match her age in terms of design as well as showcase her photo and music. Peggy also wanted us to create a simple website page that linked her social profiles, as well as help us create an online presence that was maintainable by the family.

Solution: Our initial discussions were crucial in figuring out the online brand or identity for Noellia. Should she just buy NoelliaLee.com or use her whole name? What would there be, if any, the security concerns if Peggy choose to use her whole name? Peggy really wanted just Noellia.com, but that domain name was not available for use at the time. After careful consideration, Peggy selected “noelliagoodwin.com” as domain name.

After our initial decision was made on the domain name, we went forward with working on several different designs for her MySpace page. The company presented Peggy with three differing designs and Peggy selected one of the three. We then took apart the selected design and modified it to work with a home page.

After writing a biography for Noellia, we were able to create her single-page website and get her MySpace working. Additionally, we created a Facebook Fan page, and stocked it with fans of Noellia, as a way to get her and her mom going in the world of social branding.

Current: We are working on a second version of her personal brand, updating the look and feel to match her style and definition that she has worked so hard to create over the last three years.

Noellia’s path has been an inspiration to us all and we are honored to continue to be part of that path.

Thank you, Noellia and family!