A Case Study: The Kar-Ma, LLC

Dawn Morrison, manager at The Kar-ma, LLC, approached Essence Interactive, Inc to create a website presence for the company.

Initial Requirements: Dawn needed to be able to describe her services, advertise her packages and special pricing, and offer a way for current custmers and prosepctive customers, alike, to send feedback and/or ask questions.

The primary website visitor would be people who she approached, personally, and wanted to check out more information about her company or look at her specials and packages. She wanted the website to have an approachable feel to it and feature a sense of movement and professionalism.

It was also important that she could do much of the updates herself, to better manage her out-going costs.

Solution: Essence Interactive, Inc created several drafted designs that Dawn could choose from. After a few tweaks to a design, we were able to create a website based in WordPress, that fit her needs. We also gave her a series of tutorial documents, created specifically for her, teaching her how to make updates on her website without having to know how to program.

Current: Currently, we are creating Search Engine Optimization campaigns and strategies to expand the visitors to her website beyond word-of-mouth.