Each brand seeks to be unique. But not all brands require the same strategies to make their point. So we help you decide how to mix and match for the most effective combination for your desired outcome. If branding and cohesive marketing is important to you then you understand the need to focus on all online aspects: website design and development, email marketing, social media and search engine optimization. Check out our packages below to find out more.

Website Creation – 600.00+

  • Basic Package $600.00:
    • Free website hosting for one year
    • Website strategy, specifications and template design
    • Website development (up to six pages and a blog)
    • Facebook page creation
  • Commerce Package $600.00
    • Shopping cart with secure hosting for one year
    • Paypal or select merchant hooks into shopping cart
    • Product input (up to 100 products)
  • Custom Package (email for quote)
    • Dynamic website creation based on specific needs
    • Basic package with blog

Search Engine Package

  • The basic optimizer package: 400.00+
    • Content review based on natural search
    • Initial code review for basic elements such as header and image titles
  • The standard optimizer package: 600.00+
    • Copywriting based on natural search
    • In-depth code-review for up to 10 pages
    • Comprehensive brand overview
  • Spread-the-word: Your online budget + 25%
    • Advertisement creation and maintenance for preferred advertising networks, where possible

Social Media Creation Package: $499.99

  • Create up to six social profiles, and
  • Post up to 30 social broadcasts to get you started, and
  • Increase your network by 300 people, and
  • Two blog post prompts, and
  • A process to follow for posting blog entries and getting the word out to your newfound friends.

Social Media Maintenance Package $459.99 per unit

  • Post up to 30 social broadcasts per purchased unit
  • Post up to four blog posts per unit
  • Increase your network up to 200 people per unit
  • Maintain consistency across as many as six social profiles (additional profiles are available for an additional cost)

All-in-One (call or email for a quote)