Website Development & Design

A website is the new business card, elevating any fledgling endeavor to a legitimate business.  Your potential clients will want to look you up on the internet and read all about you.  It’s important to have a visually exciting site with compelling content that makes it easy for your prospects to choose you. We are pros at helping people generate the right mix of digital strategies to accurately represent you and your company.   Our prices start out as low as $1000.00 for a basic website with a blog and a custom design.

Some of the options that could be considered, depending on the statement you want to make with your website, are:


  • Custom Design, Branding, and Development

    If you’ve got a need for a business application, we’ve got a solution. We are experienced in a wide variety of tools and media with vast experience in creating web-based applications for companies, communities of fans, and advanced window displays or eCommerce Shops. With our ‘starter kit’, a customizable proprietary PHP5-based framework, we can get projects off the ground in far less time than it takes to build a website from scratch, and still develop a completely unique look, feel and functionality. This shaves off time and money for your project launch.

  • WordPress Design & Integration

    With the rise in popularity of personal blogs and micro-journalism,  combined with the desire to save a penny, business owners and artists alike are turning to quick and easy solutions for creating a personal website or business page. With and its famous five-minute installation, our clients get all that and a bag of chips  – quick, easy, done.

  • Social Media Design

    If you have a brand that you have dedicated your time and money to create, then it’s very important to ensure that wherever you are, your brand is displayed. That’s why we also create branded social media pages for any network where you have a presence.

Oh by the way….

Diverse Programming and Development Experience

PHP5, ColdFusion, VBScript (ASP), Ruby on Rails, Python, JavaScript, ActionScript. If you’ve got a specific requirement for a website to utilize a non-php5 programming language, chances are, we can help. While we specialize in PHP5, we love to get our hands into other languages and have had years of experience in the languages mentioned above and welcome the challenge of learning new languages all of the time.